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Our Story & Product

Mark Schlereth’s “Stinkin” Good Green Chile has a humble beginning.  David Bloom’s landscaping company mowed Mark’s lawn for him since 2000.  Over time the two got to know one another.  One day David brought over his favorite family recipe for Green chile and Mark fell in love with it.  Mark told David that he should sell it in stores.

Going against the odds and opinions of others, David set out to make his dream a reality.  With $10,000 of hard earned money in the bank, he found a commercial kitchen, developed the packaging, got USDA approval and perfected his recipe.  He was at the end of his money and all he had going for him was the approval and encouragement of his close friend, Mark.  He took the finished product to Mark and said, “You keep telling me I should market it, so are you ready to put your name and face on it?”

Mark agreed to do just that!  The “Stinkin” Good Green Chile hit the shelves of King Soopers and City Market Stores in May 2008.  Now the chile is sold in 300 stores in Colorado.  It has become the official green chile of Coors Field, Pepsi Center and all of Aramarks concessions in Colorado.  You can also find our chile served in the Original Pancake House restaurants in Colorado, Oregon and Washington.   Most recently, it was added to Black-eyed Pea Colorado and Mile High Stadium.

All of our products are now GLUTEN and DAIRY FREE and better than ever!  We have medium and hot pork, all natural chicken, and vegetarian varieties.  We are also in Whole Foods and select Natural Grocers, so check our Store Locator to find the location nearest to you!  “Stinkin” Good Green Chile is also available in commercial pack from Sysco Food Services.

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